Beauty Bum® muscle toning lotion and cellulite cream was created using an exclusive European formula which has been shown to promote tight and firm skin when added to specific areas of the body. This transdermal toning lotion uses the power of DermaCore® to give your skin an amazingly smooth feel. Beauty Bum® works great on areas such as the thighs, hamstrings, and glutes. The warm sensation you feel after applications reminds you that the cellulite lotion is hard at work to revitalize your skin. When you want a little extra help with your trouble areas, Beauty Bum® muscle toning lotion is there to assist!


  • Fights cellulite
  • Reduces fat mass and toxins
  • Reduces the “orange peel” texture
  • Gives the skin a healthy feel and appearance
  • Utilizes stored fat for energy
  • Regains firmness and elasticity in the skin

When looking to achieve youthful looking skin (especially in cellulite-prone areas), applying Beauty Bum® cellulite removal cream to those areas can not only help prevent cellulite before it starts, but it can also fight cellulite that is already there. This revolutionary toning lotion penetrates deep into fatty tissues to break up fatty lipids and uses them as an energy source. Beauty Bum® also helps improve circulation to the skin itself and increases the natural elastic properties of the skin to give it that firm and tight appearance you desire—minimizing and eliminating those wrinkles and bumps. When used regularly, Beauty Bum® can help you take back your smooth, toned, and sexy skin.

Available in:

Chocolate Cake, Glamorous Gardenia, Original, Peach Bottom, Plush Pear, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Vanilla Shuga